Pastiche & beyond

March 6, 2011

Vertigo. Acrylic/India Ink


Beyond technical preoccupation my work is ultimately a Pastiche, an appreciation or homage to multiple sources, which have been of influence. The list is literally endless there are a handful of specific genres, which stand out, some of the film poster art of the 20th century, fantasy/sci-fi illustration, Comics/Graphic novel art & contemporary street art graphic styles.

With out over elaborating I have attempted to list some of my key influences with the idea of understanding conceptually the purpose of my work.

Classic cinema movie posters contain many elements of interest such as strong colour pallets, skilful graphic design, high quality draftsmanship, unique composition, exaggerated proportion & perspectives & also dramatic placement of the movie stars.

Work by the following having been of great interest to me: Tom Chantrells (Taste the Blood of Dracula, One Million Years B. C & She), Saul Bass (Vertigo & North by Northwest), Mitchell Hooks (Dr.No) & Drew Strusan (Star wars, Back to the Future & E.T.).


Comics/Graphic Novels represent the true formative element of my artistic education: 80’s & 90’s 2000ad, Marvel & DC (60’s, 70’s & 80’s), Dark Horse, Heavy Metal Magazine amongst, the list really is endless.



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