Sci Fi Noir

March 29, 2012

Rather than attempting an academic analysis or pop culture discourse of why or how much of my work has been influenced by the literary genre of comic books, or certain genres of contemporary film I felt it would be more interesting to show some of the key pieces & provide a technical/conceptual description.

Growing up (but never out of!) with a diet of 2000ad, X-Men, Star Wars, Bladerunner, HPL the list is endless… a vacuum of other people’s creations have in a sense become the influential Primordium to my work.

Miniature pieces were designed with the idea of creating a series of images that can be viewed individually or as part of a set. As individuals they are shards of a glimpse into nocturnal, vertiginous & claustrophobic cities peopled by heroes and heroines inspired by film, graphic novel & fashion photography.
As a set the paintings can be viewed as a narrative or sequence as various noiresque characters are framed in blacks and fluorescent vividness.

The idea was also to create exquisite small-scale precious objects where you have to view closely to understand what the image is showing.


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